Greetings! I'm Jello. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Will post own creations from time to time, but mostly just reblog fandom stuff and whatever else I like~

Forever in love with Hakkenden and Natsume Yuujinchou ლ=//w//=ლ

I WANTED TO DO HOLIDAY DOODLES and also practice coloring because I can’t color. :U

I’m really bad at Shino’s hair, but at least he’s not like Sousuke. I absolutely CANNOT draw Sousuke (unless in dog form, even though i’m bad at animals too OTL). I just like making him super fluffy. =q=

I was mostly experimenting on this but DEMY I’M SORRY THAT MY PART OF THE ART TRADE IS REALLY LAME. ;____________; 

The initial way I was shading it was 10x worse and I did this right now at school so it’s a bit…yeah. My lines are always messy though OTL. I’m also sorry it took so long asjkshaujakbf.

I didn’t use a reference so that’s why everything’s wrong, but I was listening to some Daft Punk and secretly doodled this during class. :U

(I write down my brush size so I don’t forget when I change it for coloring. =w=”“)

And because my friend thought I was drawing Celty from Durarara:image

A quick doodle of some sort…

 hoods and shadows welp

An original character that I drew a few minutes ago and is actually acceptable. :U

Sick zebra

Drew this for a class assignment. =v=

3 AM doodle (on paper) 

…why is this sketchbook full of frowning men

12 AM doodle :-/

Let me upload this before I hate it. Just a doodle to try out different skin colors on this character, but I was too used to the one I already gave him. :p

Way better than what I started with though.

I draw OCs more often than fanart these days. =3=”“

Aaaand, this is how I draw on paper. :-/

And here’s everything else that I don’t know why i’m uploading. I didn’t really clean any of them before coloring since they’re just quick doodles. :-/

This was the only thing I liked that I drew yesterday. Trying to design a character using Benedict as a model for him. xD

There’s supposed to be a eye patch over his right eye but I kept messing it up, so just try and imagine there is one. X__X

Tried to sketch up some stuff but ended up with swag Once-ler. :U

Someone teach me how to color, but for right now, practicing on faces and stuff again since everything I drew this past week has been UGLYYYY. I’ve been trying to switch to using hard brushes but I can’t D:

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